About Me

I suppose an introduction would be in order. My name is Will. I am a computer science major, living on a ranch in a small town in Northern California. Mainly, I will be writing about my endeavors in music and art, and I'll also be talking about some parts of my life, and occasionally going off on a rant here or there. Should be fun for all ;)

I've been teaching myself how to play guitar for the better part of five years now. I play mostly metal, but have been looking to branch out into some softer genres. I've got a Schecter Damien Special(!) running through an old school Marshall practice amp, and the sound is definitely not too shabby =). Always looking for more/better gear, though... (affording it is a different story)

I've also been rediscovering my love for drawing as of late. I'm nothing more than a beginner at the time of this writing, but I have high hopes to be able to improve my art as time goes on. I'll be posting my drawings as they happen, so long as they're not too embarrasing.