Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matters of proportion

So, turns out I didn't do much drawing since my last post, up until last night. I continued on with the same book I've been using, the next lesson being an "excellent study of proportion". Which turned out to be sadly mis-proportioned by my hand. I'll give it another go soon, but the first drawing definitely will not be posted to the gallery, it's that bad, haha.

Also did a little experimenting with some blending tortillons. Shading, blending, and texturing are really what I want to be able to get down, but it seems that the books I have at the moment don't cover it very much. Does anybody know of a good book that covers shading? Or even an online resource?

In fact, what other books would anybody recommend for the beginning sketch artist? I currently have four books, which will probably keep me busy for a while, but they are a bit short.

I'm going out of town for the next week, going to be volunteering at 4-H camp - and no, it's not all about animals. It's more of a youth-development and leadership week, and it always turns out to be tons of fun. Perhaps I'll bring my drawing pad with me... I will be stuck in the middle of a forest with no cell service or other kinds of civilization, maybe I can find some good nature scenes to attempt. Either way, looking forward to an awesome week =)

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