Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking towards the future

I was able to test out those new pencils last night. They work beautifully! They glide so well on the paper, without leaving dents or scratches, so it makes it really easy to remove any values (or mistakes) that I don't want.  Unfortunately, though, my hand wasn't working as well as the pencils, so I don't have anything new to upload... Still. I was attempting another female figure, but the proportions were off quite a bit again. Still feel like I'm learning and making progress, though.

A sunset from the ranch
Work on the ranch didn't quite work out either, yesterday. Well, for the most part. We didn't end up shearing as we intended. It was kind of hard, considering that overnight the sheep busted through the fence holding them. As we drove up to the pen I had to laugh, because there was one left in there that had already been shorn, so immediately my dad said, "Well, I guess we're done, then!" We ended up patching the fence, then I ran down to get the four-wheeler and my sister so we could try to bring them in again. Well, after running out of gas halfway back up (thank goodness for reserve tanks!), and a few other frustrations, we ended up talking for a little bit in the barn. We decided early in the conversation that it wouldn't be very smart to try and get the sheep back in to finish the job. Since they got out, we'd have to rile them up getting them back in, and they have food in their bellies. That makes them especially hard to shear, because with all the different positions they're put in throughout shearing, any food in their stomach can push against their lungs and they might suffocate.

Creepy when the buzzards sit like this. Sorry for the bad quality,
couldn't get any closer or they would've flown away.
The conversation in the barn was a very good one, and exciting, too. We talked a lot about the future of the ranch, and our family business. We're going to be putting in a lot of work getting the ranch to the point where it has sustainable, livable income. Currently, all of us are working separate jobs, because the income off the ranch isn't nearly enough to live by. But, with enough blood, sweat, and tears, we can do this. We actually ended up talking for about six or seven hours about everything we want to do and how to do it. Not just in the barn, though. We came back down to the house, talked for a while, took a little break right before dinner, then talked more during and after dinner. I've been very excited about this since we all talked, because being on the ranch is what I love. It's where I grew up, and it's a large part of who I am today. As cheesy as that sounds, it is incredibly true.

So, research begins today after my sister gets home from the hospital. My brother in law has had a lot of stomach trouble the last week, so I hope they're able to do something to help fix him up. We're going to need all the help we can get! Haha, mostly kidding, I just want him to be in good health. Anyway, I've got some time before I have to go to work, so it's time to break out the pencils again, and give it another go.

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