Thursday, July 28, 2011


Alright, so I made a little mistake... I was browsing around, looking at random things related to drawing and art, and came across some photorealistic artists. I was so impressed with their drawings! It's insane, that level of detail that they are able to render in their drawings. I decided then that that's the level of skill that I want to achieve. I want to be able to draw photorealistic pictures.

Photorealistic art by Linda Huber

To the left here is a picture drawn by Linda Huber. I also want to link to the page I found it from here. Yeah. Incredible, right? Also, very, very intimidating. Well, since I found that page, I decided to try and pull out a picture and see what I could achieve myself. I knew that it wouldn't end up being of the same quality, but wanted to try anyway to see if I could learn something along the way. Yeah, I believe I did learn a thing or two, but I was also very right about the quality being way lesser than that of a photorealistic drawing. I'm not uploading what I did because it's not done yet, and I might just scrap the whole thing and try again later when my skill has improved.

I also got some new pencils, and God they are beautiful! I have yet to give them a test run, but I cannot wait. 24 pencils, ranging from 9B to 9H. I'll talk more about them later, and hopefully be able to draw with them later today.

For now, though, I need to head up on the ranch and get some work done. We're shearing the sheep today... It's crazy intense, and I'm probably not going to want to move afterward. But, we'll see =)


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